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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

to the hoardes of screaming female fans.. i'm sorry i havent been updating but that's no reason to get all depressed =)

ok dudes it's been damn long since i last updated haha and this isnt exactly a megapost to compensate for everything. i've been reading some of my past entries from this blog and my other blog. and gosh i'm such a chameleon haha. sometimes i just cant believe that i actually wrote that stuff! it's unbelievable how quickly i change haha.

cause i'm a million different people from one day to the next

some entries make me cringe, some make me laugh, some make me go O_O. so if anyone wants to judge me by my blog haha do read only the latest post cuz it's usually the latest version of me rather than the obsolete ajits u get from earlier posts haha. (hmm 'obsolete' can be rearranged to 'lot obese' .. ok random lol)

contrary to most people i actually enjoy doing the 3 achievements thingie. cuz u have like 6000 characters to brag. DUDE.

rooney and scholes got banned. woohoo. what next? ronaldo getting raped? haha wouldnt put it past those brits lol.

navjote and junyi will be shot one day. i swear =)

okayy i dun think i have anything else to say unfortunately. be strong till my next post, my beloved fanclub X)


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Monday, June 26, 2006

i've switched off the lights and i'm sitting here alone in the dark. it's really silent and refreshing. dusk is slowly creeping in now with all of its unique sounds and the blanket of idunnowhat, it seems to cast on everything, sedating it. i swear there's something positively mystical about this. haha.

ticktock ticktock 5 more minutes till it's gone

thanks to my family, namely my grandma, mum, dad, sis, grandaunts, aunts and uncles for their wishes. thanks to my friends for remembering this day that might not be so special to you but you remembering it made it a whole lot more special to me =)
so thanks navjote, xiuwen, dani, reub, ramana, snee, samjo, bhavan, imran, liru.. i'm really grateful =)

okay the magic has seemed to have passed and i'm stuck with bio once again. urgh.

happy birthday to me

::exodus at:: 8:51 AM

Monday, May 22, 2006

there are worse things than losing.

like being told that you were the reason your team lost the final.
like being told you didnt deserve the trophy in your hand cuz u didnt speak.

i'm over all that now but yeah. there are worse things than losing. the ruggers, girl hockers, whoever, they all tried their best and did raffles proud. that's all we asked for. nothing more. nothing less.


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Saturday, April 29, 2006

meet kellie pickler. the day after her 2nd birthday, her mum abandoned the family. her dad was a drug abuser and an alcoholic. he often found himself in and out of jail. as a result, she spent most of her life living with her grandparents. when she successfully auditioned for american idol, people said a lot of nasty things about her. they said she was another useless dumb blonde, while those that didnt said that she was pretending to be dumb to get votes. an entire website was devoted to her being the worst contestant in the competition. they tried to use all sorts of evidence to prove that she was faking her pleasant personality. there was a hate campaign against her despite the so called conclusive proof that she wasnt what she appeared to be being the testimony of shady witnesses like 'a waitress' or a 'backstage supervisor'. when she cried about her family background, they said she was shedding crocodile tears. now these people should be feeling very satisfied right now because she just got voted off recently. despite the fact that she had an interesting voice and simon cowell's prediction that she would make the top 3, two bad song selections eventually led to her downfall. she conceded that she was the worst performer and vowed to continue striving to acheive her dreams.

meet alan smith. many years ago he started his career with leeds united as a promising young soccer player. however, people mistook his pure passion for foolhardiness due to the large numbers of red and yellow cards he accumalated. though he was a striker, he didnt really score that many goals. people critisised him for that. these same people probably didnt see how leeds united used alan smith in every midfield position as an auxilary midfielder and the number of goals he set up for the 'more selfish' mark viduka. man utd signed alan smith and promised to use him as a striker. due to squad injuries, he was immediately called upon to single handedly carry the man utd strikeforce burden, which he did admirably. the following season, he was converted to a defensive midfielder, which he consented to without any complaint. people critisised him again for his performances despite forgetting that defensive midfielders generally have a vastly different job from strikers. yet alan smith never failed to give 200% as exemplified by a match against chelsea when he alone held firm against what was regarded as one of the better midfields in the world. alan smith horrifically broke his leg against liverpool and will not play in the world cup. he has vowed to come back to stake his place in the man utd squad and try his best again.

now all this really set me thinking. most people in their positions would have probably just given up and gone on to do something with the flow. but what's the point in doing that? where's the challenge? where's the fun? and it struck me. i've been too negative lately. giving up on things too easily without a fight. constantly being defeated even before the battle begins. maybe that's why i screwed up my common tests even though i worked hard for them. i used to get kicks from going into things with the odds heavily stacked against me. i kept falling down but i'd just get up, dust myself and run off to another kamikaze charge. i guess one day i got knocked down and i just didnt get up. and that's where the problem was. well i think it's about time i picked myself up once again. laugh all u want but i respect people like kellie pickler and alan smith who arent necessarily the most talented people around. but hell they definitely got the guts to look the odds in the eye and tell them to get lost. and i think above all, that's just how i want to be like. i'm back.

i got this link off samjo's blog the other day.
i think it just puts everything into perspective for all of us. i was looking at these pictures 5 minutes before checking the scores of the chelsea-manutd game, so quite frankly i didnt really care what the score was. it was worse considering that most of the pictures there were of kids. kids just like us. young innocent kids who never stood a chance. i guess things like this are probably the reason why i remain agnostic. because no way in hell can i comprehend why any 'divine being' would be cruel enough to let this kind of thing happen. and i'll bet even no one out there who's strongly entrenched in religion has the answer to that question (except the scientologists and xenu who will claim that evil psychiatrists did it). if you're reading this post, please look at the pictures. if you still dont feel anything after looking at them, then you are a heartless bitch.

sorry as you can probably tell this is like a compilation of various posts. this is probably cuz blogger's being very annoying and keeps timing out. so i find it very difficult to string a proper long post together. that's one of the reasons why i update as irregularly as paula abdul's periods or peter crouch's goals. oops. =)

oh yes and yesterday was bio spa. haha i have liru to thank for giving me the tip the night before so i went into the spa quite confidently haha. oh and yes after the spa our class was noisy (as usual) and we got scolded (as usual). the grand total who ponned yesterday currently stands at 10. but that includes our friend recruit tay zhi rong haha so 9 ppl actually. so much so that now they're probably gonna change it so HAHA. after spa we were supposed to go for the worker's party rally. but reub and zaka ponned sch so we didnt ask them fearing they'd ditch us haha. harshil and suhas suspiciously disappeared immediately after spa. desmundo had his match and was chlling with his best friend v for vishal in the canteen in his customized sch u haha. arshvink had SATS the next day, kevin went m.i.a. and ramana had a krishni date or something. so suzie and i just went home instead. i didnt really wanna go without the company and the traffic was bad so i sat it out. so there went all our wild plans for making it a rally to remember =p.

it's election day today. i think that people who say that the 'gahmen' has done a really good job so far are naive heartlanders who're only capable of scratching the surface. i've heard so much from so many people about the 'gahmen' and it sickens me sometimes. it boils down to what you's rather have i guess; a moral govt that hasnt done such a spectacular job but ensures the upholding of rights and such or a strong nearly dictatorial govt that infringes on rights and such only to the extent that the enternal perspective is that it is doing a good job. i agree that maye the oppostion sometimes isnt capable. i think the issue probably doesnt lie with who is in power. absolute power would corrupt anyone. the issue lies in there not being an oppositon that has sufficent power to act as a check and balance against the ruling party. for the nature of conflicting political parties (both with sufficient power in parliment) is such that both will be competing with each other and in so doing, expose the wrongs of the other party. i know that this sort of power sharing would lead to an indecisive govt, as in the case of italy or even germany now. but in moral and ethical terms, i'm guessing this is what would be best for the people. i'll probably be cynically watching the results tonight knowing that whatever happens, the country will probably lose. this is probably why i dont really see a future for myself here.

manutd's last game of the season is tmr if i'm not mistaken. its been a disappointing season but i hope they ring in the changes in the summer. i would love to see carrick and reo-coker beef up the united midfield. cant wait to watch the champion's league final and i may even watch the uefa cup final hoping the boro win. it's gutting that wayne rooney will miss out on the world cup. i frankly dont care about england and think that eriksson doesnt have to guts to make the appropriate changes, but i feel sorry for rooney. he would have made a huge impact and i can only hope he recovers on time. i hope spain do well haha. managed to find another spain fan in nishtala so that brings the grand total to 2 other spain fans i know woohoo! haha. whee so much soccer to look forward too these hols =)

okie actually these hols will probably involve a lot of mugging too but this time i think i'll be ready to handle common tests. i also have to do intensive fitness these hols to make sure i can do pullups and hence go to prom! haha.


whoopee i cant wait =)
haha okie ciao folks and hope u enjoyed the rare long post =)

::exodus at:: 6:33 AM

Monday, April 17, 2006

momentous occurences in ajit's life today

1) gp lesson turned into a free-for-all again. abhi and arshvin didnt do their project so they admirably rewrote an entire chapter of art history by smoking their way thru. have to give abhi credit cuz that was the most amazing bullshit i've ever heard haha. rest of the lesson was spent discussing the existence of god and making fun of scientologists haha. i mean come on a space alien called xenu??? heh.

2) bio lecturer decided to call out my name on the very first bio lec i attend in 2 weeks. gee wow. i wasnt paying attention when she asked me where human growth hormones are obtained from. desmond said pigs, arshvin said jews and reuben said magic potatoes. so i took the average and said cows heh. yes i know i'm a retard and that i'm now the laughing stock of bio s haha.

3) we struck a deal with the ruggers to shave vishal if he didnt pay $25 for the rugby bear.

4) oh yes and i impressed the class with my profound concepts on philososphy and the paradox surrounding the existence of god. see i knew reading the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy would get me somewhere hahaha =p

well house party was alright i guess and i've said what i want to say. thanks for tagging samjo =)
i'm guessing that not that many ppl read this blog judging by the number of tags haha. sigh i got no friends. haha.
oh well..

::exodus at:: 8:01 AM

Sunday, April 09, 2006

haha i'm quite tired now so this will be a quick update. =)

well yes i'm in the papers too! but i look like an uber retard or pervert cuz the geiniuses had to take the one photo in which i BLINKED! oh well anyone want me to autograph their copy of the newspaper? =p. anyway this is gonna set of a chain reaction. a modelling agency will see that pic and talent spot me and this will spark off a series of events that will eventually lead to my meteoric rise to fame and eventual replacement of ryan seacrest as the host of american idol! =)

opening ceremony was quite fun on the whole. too much to type about now so i'll just mention briefly. rproject was quite good. mah sisters totwally rocked =). though liyana could have been an oompa loompa (dunno just random haha), candice looked like she had been attacked by a werewolf and sarah was wearing a dead racoon heh. just kidding i love you guysss haha =). congrats to mastan, yanni, denise, anita, mich, max and all the others who made it a success! oh and btw ms smith and cand, in the photo we took, my eyes are closed... again >_<! hmpf and my pic with james m turned out blurry haha. oh wells.

props should also go to the bmdp ppl. shibby, evey, chere and all the others =). it's heartening to know that many ppl did bother to give blood samples. even super needlephobic wimps like a certain suhas malhotra. haha chill dude u took the pinprick like a man =). i must admit though that my blood did have an interesting taste. ah dang there go my chances with kate beckinsale =p

oooohh and haunted house was one of the most amusing experiences i've had haha. really really bang up job by rp... i was really really impressed by the set. as for the spooks.. well i dont scare easy i guess haha. anyway i was the last person so like all i got to hear was ilman and hanlong screaming. which was so funny haha. the corpse falling on me was probably the closest to scaring me but it was more shock than anything haha. but it was also good fun hanging around outside talking to the rp ppl. gavin giving me hair advice and jo attempting to entertain 8 guys trying to act macho hahaha. good job rp =)

we also camwhored a whole bunch haha. and of course camwhoring is always such fun isnt it. i finally got to take a picture with my co-emcee ms snee haha since well i FAINTED. urgh. took a lot of photos with other ppl too and i promise i'll upload them and stuff when i finally locate my cable =)

anyway life kinda was on a low the past week or so but thanks to all those ppl who were there for me to talk to. it seems to be the latest trend not to name ppl so well i'm sure you guys know who u are =). dun worry happy ajit is kinda back and i hope he stays a while haha.

oh and man utd just beat arsenal 2-0. woooohoooo. bloody entertaining game haha. go red devils. burn some chelski ass =)

okie i think i'm gonna sleep now cuz i like need to go to the doctor early tmr morn to check the lump on my lip that's the size of Nebraska. ciao folks =)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

i really wanted this post to be a cheerful one. i had every intention of posting some amusing anecdote that happened this week or random funny stuff about cts. but i just cant bring myself to do it. and i'm sorry.

everyone seems to have something to be depressed about lately. this isnt directed at anyone at all but it's just a general observation everywhere. i dunno but it just seems to me that everyone has the usual teen problems. appearences, insecurities, dontlikethatperson etc etc. right now i just cant help smiling wryly cuz if these were the only stuff i had to worry about, then i'd probably be a lot more sane haha.

they say that living a good, honest life while minding your own business is what's most important. well i've never heard bigger bullshit before. it certainly got my mum nowhere. and trying to lead that kind of life certainly isnt getting me anywhere. i dont wanna blame my mum, i dont wanna blame anyone. i just wish that i wasnt being used as an avenue for pent up frustration to be released.

i think everything just boiled over on monday when i completely bombed bio. i've never ever gotten anything below a B for any bio examination in my life and boom i'm probably gonna fail this. everything that could go wrong did. and having a mental block didnt help things at all. just couldnt think. too many things to think about...

if i dont do well for cts, then i prob cant get a second spaper and there goes potential scholarship. means that we have to bear the full financial cost of education. which only means nus. and since the only course in nus that remotely interests me is medcine, if i dun get that then i'll have to do something i have no interest in. brilliant way to kick off adult life.

gawddamnit i'm trying my best. i dun blame my mum for anything at all cuz of all she's been through. i try my best to go for class gatherings or other parties, but sometimes i just cant and it's not cuz i'm antisocial. i'm sorry if i seem miserly, but i need that cash. i'm sorry if i'm cynical about life or bitchy but sometimes i just cant keep myself from doing it. i want to shunt all this away and smile and return to that cheerful bubbly dude we're all familiar with but.. well..

i dont care what people say. someday i'm gonna break from all this and leave. and somehow i'll succeed. to become famous. powerful. laugh all you want now. someday. somehow. i'll do it. i'll find a way.

or i can just die broken.

::exodus at:: 8:05 AM